October 30, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Chilly morning. 32°F/0°C. I'll be heading into the office for a full day of training on Catapult C. (related link) 6:04am

Reading "GPU market delivers strongest quarterly growth in 6 years" (related link) Good news, & they don't factor in cell phones. 6:21am

Dropped the girls off & took a scenic way in while listening to Papa Ratzi. Drove by the beautiful Groton School. (related link) 8:56am

Done with a full day of training. Heading home. 5:21pm

Happy to be back home before kids are in bed. Michelle is telling me about her Dr's appointment where they diagnosed her with Strep throat. 6:58pm

Was feeling sleepy since I walked in the door. I'm hanging in there because if I go to bed too early, I just wake up at 3am or so. 9:16pm