October 29, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

It is really windy outside now. It's almost hard to sleep over the noise... 2:58am

Wednesday! Mid-week! Carpooling w/my boss but I'll drive. We may be home later tonight because we may take a visiting App Eng out to dinner. 6:17am

At times my commute was dark and gray, but then the sun came out blazing & I needed my sunglasses. Hit some congestion near the end. 8:56am

Today I'm going for "sustainability". It's my trendy buzzword of the day. Not certain what I'm going to sustain though... :-P 8:58am

Took the visiting AE out and had a nice dinner at Alora. Now back home and relaxing with Michelle. 8:37pm