October 28, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning. Man! If it's this dark at 6am EST in NH, I feel for those on the western edge of our time zone, like Indiana and Michigan! 6:09am

Dropped the older 4 kids off at school. Working from home on this overcast gloomy day. Engineering conference call in ten minutes. 8:51am

I'm sync'ing the 2GB uSD card on my phone with the latest podcasts and thinking back to how big a gigabyte drive was when I was in the USAF. 8:53am

Today my colleagues in the digital television (DTV) division of AMD are officially Broadcom employees. Where/when will my division end up? 10:26am

Watching our quarterly worldcast and thinking about how high I could score on "buzzword bingo". Focus, execution, mandate, repeatable,... 11:43am

Enjoying that MTV put their video library online at (related link) . What's the weirdest video you remember from your younger days? 3:25pm

Mighty Timbo and I ran a few errands together. 7:01pm

Michael practiced some more reading with me with "Lionel in the Fall." (related link) 7:34pm

Heavy eyes! Wrapping it up. Good night all... ZZzzzzz... 9:33pm