October 27, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Welcome to Monday! After I drop the girls off at school, I drop my car off for its 60K service and carpool with my boss to the office. 6:12am

Car is getting its 60K maintenance. My boss took a scenic way in. I've a conf call with India in 5 minutes. 8:55am

<geek>Who-hoo! Working together w/Emacs maintainers, we've resolved an issue that was causing major Emacs hangs for us!</geek> 10:36am

Who-hoo! Finally got my gift card for winning a weekly raffle in AMD Greenride. (related link) 1:06pm

In other news Netflix is now beta testing streaming movies to Macs, but only under Intel-based Macs with Microsoft's Silverlight plugin. 1:08pm

Back from a salad bar lunch at our cafeteria. We're down to the last few weeks where the walk over there is enjoyable. 1:18pm

Yeah! I have my car, Ruby, back. 6:36pm

It looks like I'll be workin' from home Tues & Fri this week instead of Mon & Thurs. Downside:It'll really mess with the workouts this week. 8:47pm

Shuttin' down the wood stoves and calling it a night... after I watch the "Quantam of Solace" trailer. 9:43pm