October 24, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! It is so dark at 6am. Did this shifting of Daylight Savings Time really save us any energy? Here sunrise is at 7:11am today. 6:07am

Dropped "the girls" off. Sunny, chilly commute. Saw 23°F/-5°C near the border. Skipped podcasts & audiobooks. Used "Recently Added". 8:55am

An interactive history of New York Times endorsements. (related link) Notice any pattern over the last half century? 11:24am

Had nice lunch with three co-workers at Longhorn. I was pretty lame though and just had their Sonoma Chicken Salad. Yes, at a steak house... 1:36pm

Reading "Higher Insurance Costs Erode Fuel Savings on Small Cars" (related link) sigh Ya' just can't win! :-( 4:10pm

I think I've finally got a handle on the performance bottleneck I was chasing all day. Wrapping it up & heading back to "Live Free or Die!" 5:11pm

Sluggish commute home. Claire's at a party. The boys are watching "Total Drama Island". Abby made me dinner in her cooking class. 6:49pm

Watched about half of "Iron Man" on DVD. Picked up Claire from the birthday party. Good night all! 9:48pm