October 25, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Up & ready early this morning. I have a 7am conf call w/India. At the same time I'm trying to get this critical Windows Update beforehand. 6:46am

Did I really not read my personal email for 24 hours?! No wonder my life seemed better. ;-) Whoa! The Inbox is full. 7:15am

Just back from a decent time at the gym. It's overcast & gloomy today. Michelle is shopping w/the kids at the iParty store in Nashua. 10:55am

WTHeck!? My Windows work laptop hung in the middle of trying to install "critical updates". Just great! Rebooting and trying again... 10:59am

Claire's at a birthday party and I just dropped Abby off at one. While the boys draw in the kitchen, Michelle and I are going to rest a bit. 1:04pm

Michelle & Claire are at Confession. Michael read "The Best Seat 2nd Grade" to me. (related link) 3:26pm

The Microsoft Windows cycle of Software Update and Restart is turning into a "lather, rinse, repeat" loop for my work laptop. It was behind. 3:28pm

We're all heading out in the van to pick up Abby from her birthday party and then get some dinner. 3:46pm

Waiting for our dinner at Nathaniel's in Nashua. Abby's birthday party was at Michael's 1st grade teacher's house. Small world! 4:49pm

The kids are liking Disney's new version of "I Don't Dance" w/real baseball athletes. Cheesy YouTube: (related link) 6:54pm

Tonight we watched a couple of episodes of The Cosby Show on TVLand with the girls. Michelle & I loved that show when we were first married. 9:42pm