October 23, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Time to get my duff outta bed and get movin'! I'm working from home today and have a full platter of to-do's before the day even starts. 6:18am

I seem to be dealing with some tech gremlins this morning. I've rebooted a few things today that were acting flakey: my iBook, my Chumby,... 8:28am

Had a conf call w/India. Ate lunch while watching DL.TV #253. (related link) Back to debugging sim failures due to "bit rot". 12:31am

Happy because my wife just brought me a hot pumpkin spice coffee from Milford's Donut Fresh Express. It's chilly at the home office. 12:42am

Claire is excited. She's now getting the hang of doing an aerial -- a cartwheel without hands. 3:13pm

I've had enough fun bouncing between C code, the command line, and endless simulation waveforms. I'm packing my bag and headin' to the gym. 5:07pm

I didn't feel like going to the gym at the time, but I'm glad I forced myself and went. Feeling refreshed and I should sleep well tonight. 7:06pm