October 22, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Dropped Claire & her friends off. Overcast, drizzly commute in. A little prayer followed by some podcasts. Today's my big conf. call day. 8:52am

Back from lunch w/my spiritual directory. It's so gloomy outside, reminds me of the Seattle stereotype. Stopped for coffee to reinforce it. 1:41pm

"C code and Verilog and waveforms, oh my!" Enough already! Logging out. Heading home. RCIA tonight. 5:07pm

What fun! Driving home in the dark with rain. Snarfed down a light dinner. Caught up with the family. Heading to parish rectory for RCIA. 6:47pm

Back home from RCIA. Had to break it to a candidate that it's highly unlikely Jesus was born on Dec 25th. Felt like we ruined Christmas. 9:20pm