October 19, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! Time to get up and get the family to Mass. It's "give to Caeasar what is Caesar's" Sunday. 6:04am

Busy morning. Sync'd iTunes libraries. Went to see our friends' new baby Ryan. Took the kids to Yankee Chef in Milford, our 1st time there. 2:29pm

So the Red Sox won last night!! There are going to be a LOT of tired eyes at the office tomorrow morning. :-D 3:02pm

When I read stories like this, (related link) , it only reinforces my lack of caring about Hollywood political opinions. 4:04pm

Watched the Sarah Pallin SNL appearances. Folded a large load of whites while watching Abby kick more derrière in Super Mario Galaxy. 5:53pm

Reading "AMD loses less in 3Q" (related link) Now there's an optimistic headline for ya'! ;-P 6:03pm