October 18, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

It had been a while so I took a few minutes to update our "About" page. (related link) 6:00am

Good morning. Brr! It's 30°F/-1°C this morning, but it'll be sunny later. Michelle is going to sub teach my Step class in a few hours. 6:10am

Puttin' on my photo-geek, (web) window shopping hat. Wondering if Canon's new PowerShot G10 will replace my current fave, the Lumix DMC-LX3. 7:10am

Back from the gym Step class. Michelle showed mercy on us mere cardio mortals. Pondering the Chihuahua movie for later... 10:42am

Arrived at Chunky's Cinema Pub to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". We're just going to do appetizers and drinks. 1:17pm

With Michelle and the kids at yet another post movie visit to the Nashua Humane Society. 3:48pm

Watching the part of the VeggieTales that I fell asleep to last night. 4:54pm

Helped Claire rearrange her bedroom w/a new layout. Now sitting by the wood stove looking over the TAN publishers catalog that came today. 6:04pm

Mounted decorative beads to Claire's bedroom door lintel. She got them as a belated gift from my folks. The boys think "they're cool!" 6:58pm

Found a PDF to make a decent pamphlet of the Mass prayers. (related link) Printing for our twins & Michelle's CCD class. 7:36pm

Michelle and the kids are excited. Tomorrow we should get to see Michelle's friend's new baby -- after Mass, breakfast, CCD, etc. 7:51pm

Widespread frost predicted around our area overnight tonight. That'll get those leaves comin' down! 8:30pm