October 20, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! It's another frosty autumn morning at 28°F/-2°C. Time to fire up our wood stoves and get the chill out of the house. 6:12am

So "W"s opening weekend came in two slots behind a Chihuahua movie in its 3rd weekend at the box office? Hello, Hollywood? Meet clue. 6:15am

While I'm a little sad that the Red Sox lost last night, I'm very happy for my [Tampa/]St. Petersburg siblings, Suzy & Brian. 6:18am

Dropped Claire & her friends off at school. After I eat some breakfast, I'll take Abby & the twins to school. Then working from home today. 7:42am

Trash taken out. Wood stoves topped off. Kids dropped off at school. Michelle & Timbo at YMCA. Time to VPN into office & sip some coffee. 9:05am

Today I'll be a "transformational figure". All the cool kids are doin' it these days... 9:14am

My kids' favorite song of the week: tobyMac singing "What we gonna do?" (related link) 11:43am

Michelle and I took Timothy to kindergarten and then had a date lunch at Amigos. (related link) 1:33pm

I got an Amazon order in the mail & it shipped from nearby Nashua. They must have a local distribution point there for their popular items. 1:36pm

I had never heard of Tantor Media (related link) as a source of audio books. Will have to investigate later... 3:14pm

Time to put my debugging on hold and head to the gym before the studio is full. 5:09pm

Back from the gym. The instructor had a fun new CD to work out to: (related link) 6:55pm

I have to snarf down a quick dinner, catch up with the kids, and head out to an Opus Dei circle. 6:57pm

Back from Opus Dei Circle. Tonight's theme: the proper use of the time God has given to us. Feeling sleepy now. Good night! 9:56pm