October 17, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

45°F/7°C & clear in southern NH, the start of a nice autumn day. Time to get up and get ready to head into the Marlborough office. 6:05am

Smooth commute in. Midway I swapped out the 1st 6 CDs of "Jesus of Nazareth" & put in the last 5. Still full of much Pope B16 awesomeness. 8:55am

Our office is celebrating autumn: cider donuts, pumpkin & apple pies, caramel apples, cider. 'Tis all good! Will we have room for lunch? 9:59am

Thinking that instead of replacing my iBook G4, I may just spend a pittance for now and upgrade its RAM and hard drive. 10:25am

Two co-workers & I went to Longhorn for lunch. It's a good way to get mentally ready for a nice autumn weekend ahead. 1:22pm

I'm thinking zillow.com could turn out to be a time waster for me tonight... 4:30pm

Glad to be back home. Had a quick dinner and am about to watch the new VeggieTales movie with the kidlets. 7:17pm

I feel so lame. I fell asleep midway through the movie and woke up near the end. Hope it doesn't ruin tonight's sleep. Good night all! 9:04pm