October 16, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

This is Abby. Papa is drinking coffee. yuck! 6:50am

Actually got up early and had a good breakfast for a change. Dropped Claire & her friends off at school. Working from home today. 7:56am

Reading "AMD stops bleeding, but still has a long way to go" (related link) 8:36am

The older kids are in school. Michelle & Timothy are grocery shopping. Sing with me: "There's a kind of hush... all over the house today." 8:44am

Back from a good Step class. Left at the Zumba-style cool down. It's awkward enough being the only guy in a Step class, let alone Zumba. 10:32am

Enjoyin' a foo-foo hot pumpkin spice tea that Michelle brought up for me. I've been kicked out of the he-man coffee drinkers club for sure! 1:09pm

My mailbox run haul: my 2009 Moleskine planner, "Iron Man", the new Veggietales Movie, and an Ignatius Press catalog. It's a good day! 2:12pm

Dropped Claire & a friend off at gymnastics. Had dinner. Now the boys are watching Abby as she plays 'Zack & Wiki' on the Wii. 6:29pm

Spent the night mentally split between news & my laptop VPN'd into the office. I was studying advanced LSF. (related link) 9:00pm