October 15, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Dropped Claire & friends off. Had a beautiful commute in w/prayer, the readings, & listening to Papa Ratzi expound upon the Lord's Prayer. 8:49am

Since I missed breakfast before leaving this morning, I'm grateful today is our office's "bagel day". 8:59am

Sarah Palin is making three campaign stops in New Hampshire today: Dover High School, Weirs Beach in Laconia & Salem High School. 9:21am

Phew! Nearly two hours on a conference call with India. The headset was starting to become a Borg implant. 11:53am

Finished an hour long conference call with Toronto. Now on yet another call. This time with California. At some point I'll do "real" work. 2:10pm

Off the phone. Back to geekin'. "Verilog and Perl and C code... oh my! Verilog and Perl and C code... oh my!" 2:56pm

Headin' home with more Papa Ratzi on the car stereo. After dinner I'll have RCIA. Hoping for a better exegesis delivery tonight. 4:42pm

Evidently Papa Ratzi yields smoother driving -- 62 MPG on the commute home. 6:21pm

Back from RCIA. Watched a weird episode of "Pushing Daisies" with Claire. Skipping debates and heading to bed. 9:39pm