October 14, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Carpooled in w/my boss. He used the opportunity to do my annual goals interview & I got to pick his brain a bit about our group's future. 8:52am

Today was the day I was supposed to have my six month dental exam. In hindsight I'm glad it was moved up a week to heal my gums. 9:02am

Evidently IMAP was not working yesterday 'cause all of my "filed" email was still in my INBOX. Logged in and moved the email "old school". 9:15am

Hmmm. Russia test fired four intercontinental ballistic missiles this weekend and all I heard about was markets, Obama, and McCain. 9:35am

Placed order for 2009 Moleskine (related link) . This'll be my 5th year using 'em instead of a Franklin Planner. 10:23am

On the walk back from the cafeteria I was wishing I could hang outside longer. It's 61°F/16°C with some sun and beautiful trees. 12:54am

Decided to catch a little autumn sunshine and made a run to St. Arbucks for a chocolate banana vivanno. 4:07pm

Callin' it a day and heading home. Miss my wife and kids. 5:36pm

Dug out my old iBook (600MHz PPC-G3). Thinking of putting Debian or Ubuntu Linux on it as a tinkering project. Can't remember its password. 9:08pm