October 11, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning. Today's temps will be in the upper 60's & the northeast Doppler does not have a single green blob of rain thus far. Awesome! 6:04am

Watched the first two episodes of "Clone Wars" I did. (related link) 6:57am

I just remembered: the kids have no CCD this weekend and have a three day weekend (lucky!) because of Columbus Day. 7:20am

Michelle joined me for a Step class this morning. She always makes it look so effortless! 10:42am

Having lunch with the whole family at the Amherst Longhorn before we drive north to Belmont, NH. 12:19am

Arrived in Belmont about half an hour ago. There was long delay in front of the toll plaza. Leaf peeper season. . . 3:54pm

Back home from Belmont, NH. The kids watched "Shaggy DA" on the drive up, and "Air Buddies" on the way home. 8:19pm