October 10, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

It's hard to be motivated to go to school or work when it's so DARK at 6am! But alas, off I go... 6:07am

Dropped Claire & her friends off at school. Sunny, cool, and colorful commute in listening to "Papa Ratzi". (related link) 8:40am

It's hard not to like our cafeteria. Egg, ham & cheese on English muffin, home fries, corn beef hash, & OJ to go. $6.25 9:24am

I have a special place in my heart for local "Cut the Cr*p" type judges. (related link) 9:57am

Carter is slamming GWBush on the market? Clinton, perhaps I could see... but Carter?! Seriously? 10:33am

Back from a lunch with 2 coworkers at the Marlborough Longhorn. I fear I'm going to pay for it about midafternoon when I crash. 1:09pm

By "crash" I mean my head crashing into my keyboard from a mid-afternoon slump. 1:12pm

Twitter has announced that their IM support has moved from "must fix" to "would be nice to have someday". sigh 3:15pm

Crawling along on I-495 North! 5:51pm

Finally home!! Very weird: I spend ~45 mins of my brutal commute in stop 'n go (hardly hypermiling conditions) & still arrive home w/54MPG. 7:09pm

Abby's truly heartbroken. She's missing one piece of a 550 piece puzzle. Complete but for one! I wish there was something I could do... 7:13pm

You know it was a long commute home when you can listen to an entire episode of TWiT (related link) and still have 15 minutes to spare. 9:39pm

Good night all! The weekend ahead looks to be a nice autumn one! We're going to visit friends in northern NH. Should be fun! 9:41pm