October 09, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Watching Archbishop Chaput discuss Sarah Palin and the Pro-Life Movement (related link) 6:21am

Time to get a move on! Drop Claire off. Working from home today. Dentist appointment at 9am. Dryer repairman this afternoon. Gym at 5:30pm. 6:23am

Laughed at breakfast reading Abby's new "I Can Has Cheezburger?" book. (just released) (related link) 8:01am

Back from dentist. Source of inflammation: a popcorn kernel that flossing could not get out. Followup in a month to check the healing. 10:03am

If your kids are into Nintendo, WalMart now has some cool Mario game themed t-shirts. Michelle just picked up a bunch for our fan boys. 11:07am

Laughing at James @Lileks quote, "Pop-under ad windows: the dustbunnies of the internet" Ah, so true. 11:32am

Dryer is repaired. It was a common gas valve failure. Taking Timothy to school and grabbing some lunch with Michelle. 12:02am

Thankful Thursday Three: 1) dental ache was just trapped popcorn husk 2) our dryer now works 3) yesterday's vaccinated arm isn't too sore. 1:40pm

Local NH News Update: Todd Palin this weekend? And now Sarah planned for Wednesday. (related link) 2:09pm

Working on a new Pandora radio station this afternoon. This time seeded with Jackson Browne. We'll see how it goes... 2:46pm

Logging off the VPN and heading to the gym. What a day of beautiful autumn weather I missed today. 5:07pm

Good workout at the gym. Then I showed Claire how to use "Pages" for her lab report. Michelle & I just put the boys down for the night. 7:50pm

Some days I get the feeling I could offer a $100 reward for a photo evidence of a Prius with any sort of right leaning bumper sticker. 8:02pm