October 08, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Brr! 34°F/1°C outside, but it will warm up nicely. The kids have delayed start for school today so I just need to head into work. 6:07am

Dawdled a bit 'cause Claire used her extra time from the delayed start to make us pancakes! Time to hit the road and listen to Pope B16. 7:28am

Smooth drive in. Still awestruck when listening to Ratzinger's works. He is such a teacher! 9:10am

Listening to recent Fr. Seraphim podcasts while having issues with one of my CAD tools. Argh! 11:56am

Back from a salad bar lunch. Gorgeous outside! Wish I had a novel, could sit outside, and soak it up. 12:47am

It appears Bloglines is wedged again! It's been reliable for so long, but this past week or so... not so much. 1:02pm

Just got my flu shot. Hoping that deltoid doesn't ache later tonight. 2:07pm

Michelle Obama was up here today. Todd Palin will be here next week. (related link) 4:29pm

Heading home. RCIA class tonight, but want at least some time with the kids beforehand. 4:40pm

Back home. Michelle says that Timothy is starting to like visiting the laundromat. Hopefully not needed much longer. 6:03pm

Back home from RCIA. Not my best work tonight. I watched a bit of "Muppet Wizard of Oz" with the girls. Heading to bed. Good night all! 8:58pm