October 07, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Arrived at the office. Today AMD is going to formally announce their partnering with IBM for silicon foundry work, a major expense for both. 8:48am

Reading "And then there was one: AMD spins off foundry" at Ars Technica (related link) Bye-bye fab... 1:02pm

I read the NBC has pulled the SNL video from last weekend making fun of the bank rescue. I guess it hit a little too close to home. 1:37pm

Happy when Pandora gets around to actually playing the song that you seeded the "channel" with... [and no, don't ask!] 4:21pm

Had enough of trying to correlate waveforms to C code. Headin' home (and picking up Claire & a friend from gymnastics along the way). 4:55pm

Waiting in my car for Claire's class to finish while listening to the Pope's "Jesus of Nazareth". Man! He's good! 6:28pm

Got the boys to bed. It's time to see what scholars have had to say about Matthew 22:1-14. (related link) 7:56pm

The Pandora service is no longer limited to optional beta firmware on the Chumby. It's now just a reboot away to get the latest firmware! 10:36pm