October 06, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

It's official. It's Monday. Back to work. Typical New England Autumn start at 40°F/4°C. My folks leave after the kids go to school. 5:52am

Dropped Claire and her friends off at school. Working from home today after I see my folks off. 7:57am

4 day weekend behind me. Only 45 unread emails at work. Not too bad. Wonder how many "action items" I'll have after I pour over 'em. 9:02am

Just waved goodbye to my parents. Hopefully they'll be able to visit again when I have a week's [mandatory] vacation at Thanksgiving. 9:23am

Encouraged by news that "Community banks and credit unions have strong sea legs" (related link) (reported in our local paper) 9:31am

Enough debug & analysis for now. Packin' my bag to head over to the gym and stretch my legs to some bass thumping 135 beats/minute music. 5:09pm

Back from a good workout. Going to practice more reading with Michael. Later I need to get prepared for RCIA on Wednesday. 7:05pm

My eyes are getting heavy in the midst of my studies. I'll do more tomorrow night. Good night all! 8:40pm