September 26, 2012

What's with the Trunk?

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! Things are a little out of sorts today because the kids are all on a two hour school start delay. Claire and Timothy came with Michelle and me to 7:30 Mass. We dropped my car off to have its trunk latch looked into. I'm worried because it's warmer today and might not show the symptom as much. The problem really shows when it's 40°F or cooler. I suspect it's thermal expansion related, but who knows perhaps it's the viscosity of the grease on the latch. 8:44am

I'm working from home today. Michelle just dropped the older four off at school and soon will take Timothy to his. 9:44am

Took Michelle out for lunch at Cafe on the Oval. After enjoying some soups and sandwiches, she brought me to LDN to pick up my Jetta. It'll go back on Friday to have a new strike post installed in the trunk. We then stopped for some hot coffees before I got back to work. 12:46pm

I know in the past I've posted the Samsung commercial mocking the fanboys who wait in line for an iPhone release. This video shows a fun prank some guys actually had with those waiting in line by making them believe deliveries of iPhones to the store were getting shattered as they came off the truck. The looks on their faces as they hear their precious jewels clinking in the delivery boxes like broken champagne glasses… “Don't worry guys. It's 'gorilla glass'. I'm sure it'll be fine.” 12:48pm

Tech news: Texas Instruments wants to ditch smartphones, switch focus to embedded processors. From the article: "it's concerned about losing ground to players like Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple". But what about all those Kindles and Nooks you're powering? 12:49pm

Picked up Office Suite Pro 6 for my tablet. It's on sale for 25 cents today as part of The Goog's big celebration of 25 billion apps sold on Android. 1:08pm

Dean Kamen Got a copy of Echoes, the newsletter of my alma mater. New Hampshire legend Dean Kamen spoke at the Rose-Hulman commencement and of course got an honorary degree. 2:27pm

Wrapped up work around 5:15 and went to Golds for tonight's 5:30 Step Interval class. 8:31pm

After showering up went to St. Patricks for RCIA. I led the initial exegesis of this weekend's reading and then Terry gave a high level overview of the development of the church from Pentecost to the Reformation. 8:33pm

As I was leaving RCIA I got messages that Abby was down with band practice so picked her up from Milford High. Finally she and I can grab a bite to eat. 8:34pm

Once I'm back from Wednesday night's RCIA, I always feel like I have a couple of days to relax. Read what I want, tinker on a project, watch a movie. I don't have the studying hanging over my head. Reminds me of how I felt in college after mid-terms and final exams. 8:41pm

“Every word of God is tested;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”
Proverbs 30