September 25, 2012

Data Breach

Posted by Scott at 09:12 PM

A belated good morning! I dropped the older four at their schools and head to Cafe on the Oval to have breakfast. I stopped at LDN afterward to make an appointment for my Jetta. Now that the weather is chilling, I'm having the classic VW trunk latch problem. On my drive in I caught up with my dad, who's getting ready to retire his pool for the season. «sigh» Another summer come and gone! 9:14am

Having seen a fair share of internet trolls, I found this story to be interesting. 10:35am

Porsche and VW Logos Somehow I missed the news last summer that VW bought Porsche. How did I not hear about that? 10:37am

Video: Boston beauty. 11:12am

Oh Man! Data breach at IEEE. More info here. Glad my password was long, random, and unique thanks to LastPass. Regenerated a new one. But still, this is one of the world's technology leaders: the IEEE. They make the electronic standards we count on: ethernet, WiFi, FireWire, POSIX, Verilog, VHDL, … I could go on. Passwords stored in clear text? What is this? 1970? 4:00pm

After last night's late session, heading out a bit early to catch a cardio class at the Merrimack Y. Michelle is teaching 4th & 5th grade CCD tonight with Claire & Abby as her assistants. 4:30pm

Listened to Patrick Madrid "Right Here, Right Now" on the drive north. Enjoyed Joy's Step 'n Abs class at 5:30. (schedule) 6:45pm

Enjoyed some leftover chili when I got back home. I'm a big fan of comfort food and chili is right up there for me. Studied more for tomorrow night's RCIA. Said prayers with the kids and sent the boys to bed. Good night all! 9:00pm

And now your moment of pop culture zen: a video mashup of Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe.

“To do what is right and just
is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.”
Proverbs 21