October 31, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Yawn. Good morning! It's a little chillier than yesterday: 24°F/-4°C. After I take the girls to school, I'm working from home. 5:44am

Dropped the middle 3 kids off at school. Conf. call with India in 5 minutes. Michelle's not back yet so I set up Tim w/a DS game for a bit. 8:55am

After dropping Mighty Timbo off at school, Michelle & I had a date lunch at Amigos. Now just pruning back my office Inbox. 2:19pm

The kids are all home from school. The excitement and anticipation is building. Just a lil' more than 2 hours until trick-or-treating time! 3:37pm

Took leap of tech faith. All pictures from the last few years are now off my hard drive and on a USB flash drive & mirrored on Amazon S3. 4:02pm

I walked the neighborhood with the younger four. Now I'm sub'ing for Michelle helping Claire pass out candy, cookies, & hot cider. 7:17pm

Finished Halloween picture album and it's weblog entry. (related link) 10:10pm

Smirking at a political cartoon before bed. (related link) Good night all! 10:17pm