October 05, 2008

Photos from Vermont

Posted by Scott at 04:33 PM

Click to see the albumOn Thursday and Friday I took some time off from work. AMD required me to take two vacation days off this quarter so I decided to take them while my folks were here. Thursday I caught up on some much needed lawn work. Friday I drove with my folks to Weston, Vermont. Downtown Weston has a few touristy shops, most notably the Vermont Country Store. Just outside is a Benedictine monastery, the Weston Priory. This album has fifteen pictures from that trip. It also has two photos showing the before/after as our hot water tank was replaced with a Rinnai tankless heater. Sorry that they're a little out of context with the other pictures. I just wanted it for documentation.

A little bit o' trivia: Our dryer started acting up today. I think something is going on with a sensor or its control board. The heat (propane fired) will start but won't stay hot. I looked for all the obvious causes but found nothing. I took our wet clothes to the local laundromat to dry and worked on a good part of this album there while waiting for clothes to dry. I was probably the geekiest customer at Soaprize. Hopefully the repairman will come by early this week to repair it.