October 04, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! I slept in a bit because I had a bit of trouble sleeping in the middle of the night. (and because I can on Saturday...) 7:15am

My web server is down because the machine is flooded handling email. sigh Another spam flood! These people are scum. 7:20am

Plans for this morning: take a Step class taught by Michelle. I'd better have my Wheaties! Hopefully she'll show us a bit of mercy... ;-) 7:37am

Another chilly 44°F/7°C type morning. Michelle broke down yesterday and turned the wood stoves on for the first time this season. 7:48am

Michelle showed mercy so I survived her Step class. ;-) My folks took Claire out for a belated birthday shopping and lunch outing. 11:24am

Michelle & I are about to take the other four out for a simple Taco Bell/KFC lunch. Hey, it's their choice. 11:25am

Setup OpenDNS.com as the DNS server for the iMacs that the kids use. Wish we could have configured it at our router but it's not supported. 2:33pm

Abby has a new favorite online store. (related link) -- the official store for ICanHasCheezburger.com paraphernalia. 3:11pm

Reading: "VW Jetta TDI Achieves 58.82 MPG While Traveling Through Lower 48, Sets [new] World Record" (related link) 3:36pm

At the Merrimack Cinemagic waiting to see "An American Carol". Just Michelle and I, a first time in ages! 7:36pm

Back home from the movie. The theater was sold out. The room was laughing throughout, like an 'Airplane' movie. 9:45pm

If any Mac owners use MacPorts tools, I want to offer up this useful tidbit. (related link) It cut my used space in half. 10:00pm