October 02, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

yawn Yawn YAWN Good morning friends! I'm feeling the effects of staying up late, but have today & tomorrow off to spend with my folks. 6:13am

I look at this new bailout bill and think of the Muppet Swedish chef. "Pork, Pork, PORK!" Hundreds of pages of it. 8:27am

My folks, Timothy, Michelle, and I had an awesome breakfast at Parker's. Now we're just leaving the gift shop. 10:47am

With my dad's help we got the lawn back under control and looking nice again. I'm going to be heading for a workout (when I feel like a nap) 5:01pm

Had a good workout. Now Michelle, my folks, and I are having dinner at Milford's Mile Away restaurant. 7:13pm

Back from the large dinner and feeling sleepy. The TiVo will record the debate. Good night all! 9:40pm