October 01, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Dropped Claire & her friends off at school. Smooth, but overcast commute in with beautiful autumn colors in southern New Hampshire. 8:57am

Went to a "going away" luncheon at the Marlborough Longhorn restaurant for our facilities manager. She'll be missed. She was a character! 1:30pm

Smooth commute home listening to recent Daily Breakfasts. Need to have a quick dinner and head out to RCIA. (related link) 6:02pm

My latest audio book arrived in today's mail. (related link) Gotta have my vitamin B16. 6:04pm

Back from RCIA. Watching "Pushing Daisies" with the parents. I missed this quirky show. 8:55pm

Reading "Stephen Douglas 1860" (related link) before going to bed. You should too. It'll take five minutes. Good night all! 10:52pm