November 25, 2005

Green Friday

Posted by Scott at 08:05 PM

Chicken LittleChicken Little - Unlike the large number of people who go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, I took the older four to see Chicken Little at the Merrimack Cinemagic. The Premiere 8 that used to be our closest "mainstream" movie theater closed a few months back. The Cinemagic put them out of business with its larger screens and stadium seating. This is Disney's first full computer generated graphics movie without Pixar. Like Nemo it has many family friendly themes and I would recommend it for families with young children.

The Aviator - Last night I watched the lengthy Howard Hughes biopic: The Aviator. Weighing in at nearly 3 hours long, it goes without saying that Michelle didn't have the desire to stay up and watch it, especially after a long Thanksgiving. After the first 20 minutes or so, I didn't think I'd want to endure it, but it got better and reeled me in after a while. Man! Talk about an obsessive compulsive extreme, Howard was way up there! His germ paranoia got really excessive. I wouldn't have thought I would like a movie about a figure who got so unbalanced towards the end, but somehow I did.

Music - I finally took a few moments to capture Claire's latest song practice. Below are both her portion and the duet mix. I also included another one of the Clavinova piano demos. If nothing else, it shows what a MIDI peon I am.

I originally told Michelle it would only take a few minutes to capture them from the piano. When I plugged the laptop into the piano, no sound was registering on the laptop. After a bit of checking my work, I determined that Turbo Timbo got into my iMic and messed with it, changing its configuration from microphone input to speaker output. I'm tellin' ya, that boy gets into everything!