March 23, 2005

3rd grade recital

Posted by Scott at 06:53 AM

Recital - Every year the music teacher at Milford Elementary holds performances with her students to show the parents what they've practiced during the school year. Because the school is rather large, she doesn't do everyone at once. Keep in mind each grade level has about 200 students. Last night she showed about half the third graders including Claire's class.

I left work promptly at 5:15 yesterday. It's a bit on the early side for me, but not too much so. I tend to forget how much more sluggish traffic is at that time. It takes about 25% longer to commute at 5:15 than 5:45 or 6:00. Since Michelle went to Abby's performance last month, I went to Claire's. The parking at the school was tight, as it often is for large events. I got to stand along the wall as all seats were taken.

The teacher reviewed what had been covered this school year. The kids did various rhythm demonstrations, played the recorder, and sang. I complimented Claire on being much more focused and involved. I've given her an occasional gentle tease about her choir work as you catch her eyes wandering, but not last night. I can't blame her about mental wandering at Mass. It happens to the best of us. After the performance I took her out to Blakes for some Indian pudding, a new favorite of hers. It was some nice father-daughter alone time.

Gymnastics - I forgot to mention that Claire is moving to the next level at gymnastics. It starts in a few weeks. This means extra driving for us, as Claire and Abby won't be at Gymnastics Village at the same time. It also means Abby won't have to wait in the lobby for half an hour since Abby's class was shorter than Claire's. I predict soon Abby will move up a level and have longer classes as well.

Basement - Construction continues along at a good pace. The walls are done with their three coats of mud and sanding. All of the framework of the ceiling is in. I imagine soon there'll be more electrical finishing work for overhead lights and outlets, along with the wainscoting. Wednesday next week the carpet will be installed. Two big ticket items we've been discussing are a bed and the stove. Neither is absolutely needed right away but will be eventually.

I've been trying to make sure to take pictures along the way for Chris. It always seems so boring to take pictures of empty, half finished rooms, but I imagine it's the progress shown in the series that will make it more interesting. Congrats to TJ on his new bedroom in the Tarpey basement. It looks like nice work, Chris! I'm sure the extra elbow room is appreciated. I particularly like the sign on the door: "Danger! TJ's Room - No sister or brothers allowed!"


I spoke with the contractor this morning before heading off to work. Today's goals are to purchase the wainscoting, hang all the doors, and frame the window. I'm just glad all the wall mud work is behind us. That always seems to take forever.

Posted by: Scott at March 23, 2005 09:44 AM