March 19, 2005

Could radio turn around?

Posted by Scott at 07:07 AM

Could pressure from iPods and MP3 players finally get radio to stop playing them same small playlist every day and saturating time with commercials? In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, "Hit by iPod and Satellite, Radio Tries New Tune: Play More Songs":

The Web site of radio station KCJK-FM, known as 105.1 Jack FM, features a picture of an iPod and the taunt: "Guess you won't be needing this thing anymore, huh?"
After years of tight playlists and narrow music formats, KCJK in Kansas City, Mo., is trying to prove that it can give listeners the same thing an iPod does: an eclectic selection of music.
Previously, like most stations, 105.1 let computer scheduling programs pick the songs from a library of 300-400 titles, with the same 30-40 songs playing most of the time. Now the station is going against the grain of the past two decades in radio, more than tripling the number of song titles played on any given day. With more than 1,200 songs on the playlist, most songs get played only once every few days, rather than several times a day.

With the percentage of commercials you hear on radio, it's no wonder people (like me) have been looking at ways to plug your MP3 player into your car radio. Combined with technology like podcasting, it makes the commute more fun.

Could any of my siblings with XM or Sirius comment on how you like it? Suzy, you have Sirius, don't you?


Hey Scott- I do not have Sirius, but Chris does. He no longer uses it and I am not sure why. Just yesterday I asked him to give it to me for my graduation because I erally do want it. However, I also asked for an iPod. I may enjoy music a little more than the average person, though.

Posted by: Suzy at March 19, 2005 06:45 PM