March 15, 2005

Web cleanup

Posted by Scott at 10:11 PM

Album updates - Like many webloggers I've transitioned from a few ways of keeping my entries and pictures. While last year I worked to make sure old text entries from MV and Livejournal were brought into this system, I wasn't as careful about moving the pictures. I'm making it my goal to remedy that this week. The first steps were tonight. I copied all pictures from my .Mac account to the domain. Back then I kept albums at Apple's .Mac space because my storage at MV was overflowing and Livejournal only handled text, not photos.

Now that every photo album I've done is somewhere in this domain, the next problem is links. If you click on Recent Photo Albums, you'll see the list has doubled and goes all the way back to early 2001 just after the twins were born. Everything is served from the domain. Who-hoo!

There are two steps left to do. First, some of the old albums don't have current links back to the home page or album list. This makes navigation clumsy. Second, there are a few directories with pictures that never had a proper album wrapper made. You may remember that there were a few times early on that I was lazy (or new at this) and I just put text links to individual pictures. Those need for me to take an hour or so to download, resize and title the pictures, have the web pages generated, and re-uploaded. In the meantime enjoy strolling down memory lane watching four years of growth in Claire, Abigail, Michael, Daniel, and Timothy. While there are bound to be broken links from the albums back to the webpages, email me if you find a broken link going to a photo album.

Basement - I came home today and took another peek at the basement. Almost all the walls have their drywall on. The exception is the wall adjacent to where the wood stove will go. Michelle visited a carpet store today and also saw our local wood pellet stove dealer to let him know our basement plans. Lastly the first of two town inspections occurred today (and it passed).

Class - Tomorrow I have a work sponsored training class, "Handling difficult customers", being offered up in Manchester. I thought about how fun my out-of-office voice greeting could be: "Hi. This is Scott from Customer Engineering Support. I'm out of the office Wednesday attending a class on handling difficult customers. If you feel you fall into this category, please leave a message... beep". I'm sure there are plenty of variations on that theme you could use. In the end I lost my nerve and just left a generic message about returning on Thursday.


I want to see pictures of all the progress in the basement please.

Posted by: Chris at March 16, 2005 06:39 AM

I took some today and will try to do so every couple of days. I'll wait till I have several sets before I upload them.

Today they taped and mudded (is that even a word?!) the walls. I think another coat goes on tomorrow. A carpet guy comes to measure the rooms on Friday.

Posted by: Scott at March 16, 2005 08:26 PM