April 13, 2003

Palm Sunday

Posted by Scott at 09:52 PM

This was one of those days where you go to bed tired but content and satisfied. We got up early this morning and hauled the crew to 8AM Mass for Palm Sunday. I hear that in some Christian denominations Sunday services can last a few hours where a typical Catholic Sunday Mass is about an hour or less. Palm Sunday, though, is one of the longest of the year. There are special rites at the beginning to bless the branches and commemorate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Later there is the very long gospel reenactment. The boys managed to hang in there pretty well. Afterwards we went downstairs for the parish's annual Palm Sunday buffet breakfast.

After breakfast we split paths and I took the girls to the YMCA to go swimming. Claire is doing well and can now swim with her eyes open under water -- which is more than I can do. I never got over the reflexes to keep your eyes shut under water.

Shortly after we got back home the girls and I took the van for a serious spring cleaning while Michelle tried to catch a nap coincident with the boys' naps. Scary stuff you find half a year later -- fries, raisins, half eaten chicken nuggets.

While outside with the kids this afternoon, I removed the training wheels from Abby's bicycle and installed the extension handle on the back to help Michelle and I get her comfortable with finding her own balance. That temporary handle does wonders for preserving your back while training the kids in 2 wheeler balance.

After dinner tonight the girls helped me assemble a white wire frame set of shelves for their bedroom closet. The girls have a spacious closet but needed a way to organize it better.

Tonight on Super Mario Advance I finally completed world 2-3 including defeating a character known as "Triclyde", a three-headed, fire-breathing enemy. I'm sure somewhere TJ is laughing at how easy this is for him. *grin* Well, if nothing else, I got Abby's admiration. She was in her usual "Gameboy spectator" role.


Was your site down earlier today? I couldn't get through to it this morning.
Anyway, good luck with the bike lessons. Andy surprised us and taught himself- he just came out riding one day. Today, he also decided it would be a good idea to cut his own hair. Of course it is Monday so the barber is closed, so now I know what we are doing tomorrow afternoon!
I had a great time at my baby shower yesterday. Thanks to you and your family for the Baby Neptune video. I must admit that I'm not waiting for the baby to show it- William enjoyed it very much this afternoon- it's amazing the attraction those movies have!
I'm feeling good- doing lots of nesting. Today I put away the shower gifts, washed the breakfast nook floors and oiled all the woodwork in there too. Tom had just painted the room a dark blue, so I wanted to clean it good before he put furniture in there. It looks really nice, and now the windows even open- they had been painted and hinged shut, but Cynthia got them open for us before she stopped working here. What a difference!
I enjoyed looking at the pictures of the nice day you had recently. Thanks!

Posted by: alyssa at April 14, 2003 11:26 PM

Hi Alyssa,

Glad you enjoyed the video. Our boys are enjoying our copy of Baby Neptune. I think Julie Clark has subliminal messages in those videos. "Buy Disney.... Buy Disney..."

Lately we've noticed that the boys recognize melodies from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. If you sing "Jacob, Jacob and Sons" Michael will chime in singing "ah-ah" just like the real song does. There are other Joseph songs where they'll chime in a bit.

Yes, it seemed that the site was down Monday afternoon. I have no idea what happened but suspect it was Adelphia. I do check things occasionally during my work day. I called Michelle at home to ask her if the do-bees got into the computer room. She said no. I asked if the modem lights seem to be blinking "normally". She said yes. Later in the afternoon I hit the site again and it was reachable. I wasn't home to see what the cause was. Hopefully it's a rare occasion.

Has TJ earned enough money to buy his new Gameboy yet? The backlighting is nice but I find that it doesn't fit as nicely in your hands as the regular Gameboy Advance. It seems almost too small.

Yesterday our regular sitter called to say she couldn't babysit on the day of Claire's First Communion. Michelle was very bummed! The sitter is starting a job at MarketBasket that weekend. We are going to be trying another sitter, hopefully this weekend.

Posted by: Scott at April 15, 2003 06:43 AM

Hope you find a sitter!
TJ almost has enough money- he is short about $5 and tax. We figure we would take him and pay the difference, but we didn't tell him and we haven't had a chance.
What are you doing for Easter? Are your baskets ready? I have candy and little things for all the boys, but nothing for Cass. She never seems to want or need anything! We are hoping to get out of the dr. early tonite and shop!

Posted by: alyssa at April 15, 2003 12:20 PM