April 12, 2003

New Photo Album

Posted by Scott at 08:55 PM

Click to see the album...Claire had another sleepover at a classmate's house last night. This morning we took the other kids out in the yard to get some fresh air and later I took Abby downtown to spend some one-on-one time with her. During the boys' nap this afternoon I worked on this album while Abby watched a video of Dora that I rented for her. Shortly after Claire returned home this afternoon, the overcast greyness (as seen in the album) broke, the sun came out, things dried and warmed up. We spent the rest of the afternoon outside -- taking walks, swinging, riding trikes, etc. I'm glad to see some green trying to break through.

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. While I'm glad to see us getting to the home stretch of Easter, I do worry how the twins will do on the longer-than-usual Mass that happens on Palm Sunday. I plan on taking the girls swimming later in the morning.