April 09, 2003

Dial up the wayback machine

Posted by Scott at 10:47 PM

Tonight I spent a little time moving old entries from the days even before Livejournal. If you look to the right you'll see archives for May, April, and March of 2001. Before I used any weblogging system, I just typed them by hand and archived things manually. So tonight it was a bunch of "View Source", "Copy", "Paste", "Backdate", and "Publish". I hope to get the rest of the months (Dec 2000-Feb 2001) moved over in the next few days. Nearly 2 1/2 years of weblogging. *sigh* If I knew then about HTML (webpage) coding what I know now.

I was particularly struck by this entry. The twins had a 2 month checkup almost two years ago to the day of Timothy's recent visit this week. Although Timothy is a couple of weeks younger than they were at the time, he is heavier than either of them were. Perhaps it'll give the twins pause before they think about picking on their younger brother. *grin*

It was also funny to read about how 2 years ago Russell was leaving ARC/VAutomation. Funny because he's been doing contract work with us in recent weeks.

One last piece of deja vu was reading about the twins' Baptism. Considering we just had Timothy's Baptism last weekend, it's hard to believe we were doing the same thing just two years ago with Michael and Daniel (and mom, dad, Alyssa, Bev, and Ed).

Claire and I played a little "team" multi-player Gameboy tonight. The downside to playing the SuperMario 2 cartridge (our current favorite) in a multi-player mode is that it only plays the "classic" version of Mario, not the newer version Claire and I have been playing since Christmas. We were hoping to play the same game we've been playing for several months but now as a team. That would have been fun taking on those monsters together.


I think William was over 11 pounds at his 2 week check up!
I had one of those weird baby dreams last night that I had the baby- they said it was a girl, but it had male parts, and everyone get bringing "it" dolls, then it had fur all over it like a stuffed animal, and it could smile and talk already. Then in the dream Tom went to a bar with his friends and left me home with this strange creature and Father Dore- remember him? Weird!
We stopped at Chris and Katie's new house last night. I'm jealous of all the closets they have, but they do seem to have a lot of work to do- I'm sure it will be great soon, although dealing with a construction crew around won't be fun. I think they get their pool today- at least there is no more snow.
Tom is off tomorrow. He is going to paint during the day, and at night we are going on a date, but just to buy stuff for Easter baskets, and maybe to eat. We went shopping with the kids last nite- TJ wanted to wear a suit for Easter, so we got him one. Now he needs decent looking shoes, the school ones don't look so great by this time of year!
I'm gonna go try to call Mom now!

Posted by: alyssa at April 10, 2003 09:04 AM