April 08, 2003

Timothy stats; GameBoy purchase

Posted by Scott at 10:07 PM

I forgot to mention that Michelle took Timothy to the pediatrician for his two month checkup yesterday. He has nearly doubled his weight from 7 pounds at birth to 13 pounds, 11 ounces. Is it any wonder he appears to have no neck? He was 20 inches long at birth and is now 23 inches. Aren't you glad we all don't continue to grow at that rate? The poor little guy also had four shots. He was in good spirits despite the vaccine overload.

In a deja vu repetition of late last week, we had snow overnight and Claire had yet another two hour school delay. Once again, "yeah, more time with grandma!" for Claire. We've had over six months of snow this year. I can just bet it's going to be a hot summer. The law of averages or Murphy or something must require it.

Tonight is my mom's last night visiting. She put the older four kids to bed whilst Michelle and I headed out to the south end of Nashua. We stopped by Circuit City for a GameBoy link cable and then headed to La Carreta for dinner and dessert.

Why did we need the GameBoy cable? Because yesterday morning I bought a second GameBoy Advance, a new SP model (sorry TJ). Unfortunately when I was looking yesterday, neither WalMart not KayBee Toys had the link cable. We're hoping that perhaps Claire can play together with Abby or me. Maybe gaming can then be a little more social and interactive. We'll see. I look forward to trying it out tomorrow.

It amazes me that Nintendo didn't try to make the game link a wireless connection like the GamePlay32 handheld console. That would have been so much more convenient than hooking up with a cord.