January 30, 2013

School Delay

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! I didn't do any updates for yesterday because it was a rather busy day. Michelle and I got up at 4am so that we could leave early for MA General. We got back from our appointment after a lunch at Cafe on the Oval and I worked from the home the rest of the day. I went to a 5:30 Step class and worked on RCIA prep that night. 6:02am

The Scarlet Letter Needless to say I slept pretty well last night. We got up this morning and thought it would be a usual Wednesday. We were surprised to find the most southern NH schools, including Milford, were on a 2 hour delay because of the freezing rain and slick roads. 6:03am

Because of the delay Claire joined Michelle, Timothy, and I for 7:30 Mass. Afterwards I head into the office, listening to more of The Scarlet Letter on the drive down. Claire is also reading it for English class. I'm a bit ahead of her at the moment. 10:12am

I could have my own "KITT"?!?! Well, minus the cool front red strobe lights. That would be a separate project. (related story) On the plus side my car does tell me how to get to my destination, but its Turbo Boost is no where near as powerful as KITT's. Looking back it seems that KITT launching into the air was a requirement of every episode. 10:25am

5 (Secular) Reasons Not to Live Together Before Marriage 10:26am

An order I placed Jan 19, shipped from China, went to NY, and now is down in GA before it heads up to me in NH?! Great job USPS. 10:41am

Went with the graphics driver guys for a lunch at Not Your Average Joes in Acton. 2:10pm

Eye roll. I enjoyed this cute ad, so of course some had to find it racist: "VW SuperBowl Ad Accused Of Being Racist" Racist why? Because it makes Jamaicans out to be happy people? It was just yesterday that I showed this same ad to Michelle to make her laugh while we were waiting at oncology. 3:28pm

"A Modest Proposal" Using the Illinois FOID card as a voter ID card. If one needs that much validation to own a gun, would it be so bad for those same checks to apply to voting? 3:56pm

It's been a busy evening. I left work a bit early. Because of this sudden heat wave, it is extremely foggy outside. I drove straight to Golds for tonight's Step class. From there I went over to St. Patricks for the weekly RCIA class. Finally the rest of the week I'm free! That's one thing I always love about when I get home Wednesday night. 8:37pm

“But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it
and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.”
Mark 4