January 03, 2013

Second Opinion

Posted by Scott at 10:23 PM

Good morning! Because of the cold I topped off and fired up both wood pellet stoves this morning. Claire had an early Honor Society meeting, so I took Abby and the twins to school. I stopped by Cafe on the Oval for a quick breakfast before heading off to work. 8:07am

The Infancy Narratives It's a brisk one today. I saw temperatures around -3°F this morning when I was in the Brookline, NH/Townsend, MA area. I finished my audio book of the Pope's latest writings on the Nativity. It's not a long book and I highly recommend it. I listened to Tech News Today #660 on the rest of the chilly commute. 9:09am

Michelle dropped Timothy off at school and then — despite reluctance due to weather — went to Golds Gym to take one of her favorite Step classes. Because of the Christmas vacation down in Hilton Head, it had been a while since her last class and she was a bit eager to get back into it. 10:30am

Was a bit psych'd to learn this morning that my dad and brother recently switched on ATT from their iPhones to the Samsung Galaxy SIII. I don't often see iOS folks try Android phones. And of course I'm a bit proud because they're powered by one of our high end Qualcomm SnapDragon chips. I didn't work on that particular GPU. I worked on its predecessors and its successors. 12:20pm

Went with a couple of guys from the modem side of the house to Idylwilde Farm. Besides the fresh produce, they make awesome hot sandwiches at their deli counter. I had one of their delicious hot pastrami on rye. It's a good thing that they're inconvenient or I'd gain too much weight! Later when I got back Michelle called with followup from her visit with her local oncologist. Dr. Rao is happy we chose to try this inhibitor regimen being recommended by the oncologist at Mass General, since it appears it could be a good match. She has one patient who's held back his cancer development for about a decade because of a good inhibitor for his type. 1:19pm

Because of fears that I'd introduced a new bug with one of today's check-ins, I was at the office until about 6:30 to confirm there was nothing wrong. Shortly after dinner I bought the twins the Virtual Console edition of Super Mario 64 for the Wii. 8:17pm

Said prayers with the boys and sent 'em to bed. Stayed up because Claire was to return from gymnastics and would need a hand putting on the car cover. Tonight will surely be a frosty evening. Good night all! 10:18pm

“John the Baptist saw Jesus coming toward him and said,
‘Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.’ ”
John 1