September 11, 2012

Primary Day

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! Sorry, but no update yesterday. It was just that routine of a day. The only highlight was getting my friend's Leica D-LUX 3 camera as he prepares to upgrade to something newer. Other than that yesterday was a late day at work. 5:57am

Today is primary day here in New Hampshire. Most important on both sides of the aisle is narrowing down who will run for governor as our current Gov. Lynch is not running for re-election. He's done it for enough years. I'm amazed to see a politician voluntarily stop running. He's definitely not a Kennedy. 5:59am

I was describing this accident with my dad yesterday. I drive by this site on every commute. The co-worker next to me also works for their local fire department and was involved in the emergency help. Truly tragic. See a photo here. Seatbelts people! Seatbelts. 6:23am

I dropped the kids off at school and then voted in the New Hampshire primaries. Now I am on my way to work. Happy to see voter I.D. starting in New Hampshire. If we're going to be “First in the Nation”, shouldn't we make sure it isn't tampered with? 7:49am

Had a smooth drive in. Like it was 11 years ago, today was sunny, mild, and perfect sunroof weather. I listened to the end of TWiT #370 and then called my grandma to wish her a happy birthday. We both remembered when she visited us on her birthday 11 years ago to see the new twins. Of course that birthday celebration was overshadowed by the horrific events of that day. 9:12am

I'm happy to report that here at the office building, today all of the restrooms are clean, functioning, and open again. There was some incident that happened on Sunday that caused the bathrooms on the first and second floor to be closed yesterday. A huge office, mostly men, and one bathroom. Imagine if that last one broke? “Okay everyone, there's a forest out behind the parking lot…” 9:14am

“In this world a man sometimes obtains earthly goods by contentiousness and deceit, but heavenly riches are obtained by meekness… Blessed are the meek; for they shall possess the land.” — Aquinas 9:20am

Via keder: Mitt Romney's first tweet on this 9/11. And Barack Obama's. Yup. 12:21pm

Campaign Tweets

And people wonder why I have a certain skepticism towards experts and academics... Puritan view of adultery turns Brits into 'caged animals' says academic. Excerpt: “Anyone rejecting a fresh approach to marriage and adultery, with a new set of rules to go with it, fails to recognise the benefits of a revitalised sex life outside the home.” Yeah, uh-huh. If only we would just get over that whole “fidelity” thing… 1:22pm

Was so focused on "doing just one more thing" that before I knew it, it was 1 o'clock and I'd missed lunch. At that time Outlook reminded me I had a 1 o'clock meeting. The meeting ran long and before I knew it, it was 2:45pm. I head out thinking I'd try Sweet Bites for the 1st time in many months, but they were closed for remodeling. A sandwich from DiCapri it is then! 3:56pm

As a country we're now like much of the recent housing market for new home owners. That is: underwater. US GDP=$15.606Trillion; Debt=$16.046Trillion Debt Equals 103% of GDP 6:44pm

Didn't leave work until 6:45pm. Ugh! I really must stop doing that! I spent all day doing something I thought would only take the morning to accomplish. Smooth commute home listening to TNT #583. When I got home, I found out that Michelle was at a local cancer support group meeting. I'd forgotten that was tonight. I helped Claire with pre-calculus and reheated some of the dinner Michelle grilled earlier. The printer we ordered last weekend arrived, but I'm too zapped to set it up tonight. I'm tired of debugging for the day. 8:08pm

As I was finishing up dinner and just starting to watch an episode of Family Matters on NickHD with the kids, Michelle returned from her meeting. Afterwards the boys caught a glimpse of 9/11 news footage and started asking questions. The twins were only about half a year old and Timothy wasn't born yet, so they had no memory of it. We answered their questions and reassured them. We then closed with family prayer and sent 'em to bed. Good night all! 9:30pm

Ooh, I'm bittorrent'ing. Seems so illegal! What am I fetching? Pirated movies? Naughty stuff? Nope, just another Linux distribution to try out. This was the kind of thing bittorrent was well designed for: legal, peer-to-peer distribution of large files without requiring expensive, centralized file servers. But like a lot of technologies, it can be (and is) misused and has a bad reputation. 10:29pm

“Jesus departed to the mountain to pray,
and he spent the night in prayer to God.
When day came, he called his disciples to himself,
and from them he chose Twelve, whom he also named Apostles”
Luke 6