September 07, 2012

1st Home Game

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Cardinal Dolan Good morning! TGIFriday! I dropped the older four off at their schools. Had a sunny, mild, sunroof-open commute into Boxborough listening to TWiG #162 along the way. 9:15am

Do you talk to your mom with that mouth? Liberals cuss out Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan as he offered the closing benediction at the DNC convention, as he did for the RNC convention. 9:16am

Forgot to mention: today in New Hampshire we have both Presidential candidates visiting. I'm taking it as a sign that NH is not 'locked up' either way, but really guys?! Aren't we just four electoral votes? 9:57am

Star Trek Google Doodle Love today's Google Doodle. Here's a YouTube video capturing what it does. 10:30am

Via AmericanPapist: “to recap: Cardinal Dolan is being criticized by libs for coming to pray for a convention of people who want to FINE HIM FOR PRACTICING HIS FAITH.” 12:03pm

Went with the driver guys over to IdylWilde Farms to pick up lunch. Nice weather out there! By the time I got back from lunch, there were 18 emails in my Inbox. «sigh» 1:31pm

Via CardinalDolan: “Here is the prayer that I offered at the Democratic National Convention.” 3:08pm

Left work later than I'd like. Listened to Fr. Mitch Pacwa on the first half of the drive, then called my grandma to catch up on news with her. Michelle is at the Milford High football game to support Abby in the band. 7:51pm

Over my re-heated dinner I applied this tip to my MacBook so that Cathode would work flawlessly with Emacs. There's just a sense of nostalgia about turning your expensive laptop into a clone of a mid-80's dumb terminal like I used throughout college. 8:24pm

After we got the boys ready for bed, Claire and I went to pick up Abby from the high school. Milford won tonight's game. I'm always amazed at how many young adults ride their bikes on the roads in streetlight-free Milford with no reflectors or lights on their bikes. Any sane person would do something to enhance their visibility to drivers on the street. 10:25pm

“We praise and thank you for granting us the life and the liberty by which we can pursue happiness. Show us anew that happiness is found only in respecting the laws of nature and of nature‚Äôs God. Empower us with your grace so that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making, or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community.” — Cardinal Dolan, DNC Benediction