November 30, 2005

Candy Contest

Posted by Scott at 07:54 PM

A story by Claire

Chapter 1 - Once, a long time ago, there lived a town called Goodie and Sweets. All that lived in that place were bakeries and candy shops and anything sweet. Now in this small town out of all the sweet shops the best one was a tasty smelling shop on the corner of one of the streets. The name of this big shop was Basket of Treats. Everyone who lived in that area came to that place where they would eat creamy ice cream, sticky candy canes, and many other things. Everyone was happy except for the store owners from the other shops. No one came to their shops. They were all so jealous.

Chapter 2 - Now in another part of the town, there was another person who owned a bake shop also. The title of this place was Sugar Goods. Everyone came to his place also. One day while the store owner of the shop, Sugar Goods, was reading his newspaper, he spotted a small article about another big shop somewhere in the other part of town. The name of this big shop was Basket of Treats. The owner of Sugar Goods kept on reading. It read, "Basket of Treats is one of the biggest, best shops around."

"Oh, you think so!" said the owner of Sugar Goods. "We'll see about that!"

Chapter 3 - Now the owner of Sugar Goods was named James. James decided that in order to show this town that Sugar Goods was just as good as the shop Basket of Treats, he would call the man that owned Basket of Treats. His name was Matthew. He would ask if they could compete and see who made the best candy. So he did. Matthew said, "fine" to it.

Then the next day, with all of their best candies, they had people vote on who made the best candy. But at the end, there was a problem. The votes were the same. Now what would they do?

Chapter 4 - Both owners started to wonder who won. Then James decided that maybe he should talk to Matthew about it. James had an idea. "How about we both work together? We can both change the names of our stores to one name."

"Great idea!" said Matthew.

From that day on both men decided to work with each other and put the name of their stores together. They made it Basket of Sugar Goods.

The End