March 29, 2005

Site moved

Posted by Scott at 09:34 AM

Move - So that I don't have to worry about maintaining a server, this site has been hosted with servers maintained by Cornerhost. Around midnight Cornerhost moved their data center from "Rackspace" to "The Planet". Anytime you relocate, there's downtime. If you had problems accessing the site, that was the reason. Everything is back up again, but some networks might not notice the location change right away. Sometimes it takes a little while for a network change to propagate.

Parkers - Yikes! Parker's Maple Barn is up for sale! Hopefully it will stay a family oriented restaurant. Never been there? Tour Parker's website.

Basement - Stairs are done today. A painter came by and did all the paint for the walls from the chair rail down to the floor. Tomorrow the carpet gets installed. The carpet is a light toned, textured berber, not unlike what we have in the upstairs. I imagine that once the carpet is installed, the painter will come back to do everything above the chair rail.

Rain - We've had a lot of rain the past two days. It's been welcome because it helps melt the stubborn snow and wash out the sand along the street edge of our property. We always joke that after a long winter we have "beach front property" due to all the residual sand used on the streets during snowstorms. The Souhegan River is flowing rapidly. Too bad there isn't some way I could reserve some of that water for mid-summer lawn irrigation. The brook that surrounds our property is really moving too. On the bright side Wednesday is supposed to be sunny and 60°F so the boys should have plenty of time to play outside


Sorry to hear that Parker's Maple Barn is up for sale. I can't afford to buy it but would like to have that farm right down the street from you! If someone does buy the property, I do hope they keep the restaurant open. I really do feel bad now that we were not able to go there on our last trip. Have a great weekend - talk to you soon.

Posted by: Bob Bilik at March 31, 2005 09:54 PM

If you mean the dairy farm down the street, we often give it the title, "Stinky Acres". I'm grateful that the prevailing winds blow eastward. ;-) Occasionally the winds shift and I'm reminded how close we live to the dairy.

Posted by: Scott at April 1, 2005 06:27 AM