March 08, 2005

That's brisk baby!

Posted by Scott at 10:23 PM

Storm - What a whirlwind day of weather we've had. Today's weather started in the mid 40's at 6am. By 6pm it was 18°F with heavy snow and strong winds. We even had a power outage for about 15 minutes. Power outages scare me a bit more here because it also stops our water (as well as heat and lighting). When it's that cold outside, you want to know that your heaters will work. Ironically the iMac kept running due to its UPS so Abby and Michelle continued playing Zoombinis for a while until its battery exhausted.

iTMS - We were released from work a little early due to the bad weather. Once the twins went down I did a little browsing at the iTunes Music Store. If you click on iTunes Essentials, they have a subcategory called Genres and History. Having a retro nostalgia for 1980's music tonight (what possessed me I don't know), I had fun browsing in their collections entitled "80s College Rock", "80s One Hit Wonders", "80s Pop" and "80s Video Hits".(links only work if running iTunes) One Hit Wonders was my favorite -- artists who came and went on the coattails of one hit song. What a weird time the 80's was but the songs bring back so many memories.

Nostalgia - If you also feel like a bit of reminiscing back to life decades ago, I recommend having a browse around RetroCrush. It's not the most organized site, but it reminds me of a web version of the TVLand channel. There is a lot of clip art, articles, and interviews with the stars, movies, television shows, and memes of that time. There's plenty of hooky paraphernalia advertised as well. I'm tempted to buy this "Save Ferris" t-shirt and even more tempted to buy this "Abe Frohman, Sausage King of Chicago" t-shirt for Christopher, but only if he does a Cameron Frye voice imitation from the Ferris Bueller movie. ;-) (Movie sound archives here, here and here if you have too much time to kill and laugh...)