April 26, 2003

Claire's First Communion

Posted by Scott at 09:34 PM

Click to see the album...Today was the dress rehearsal for Claire's First Communion. Tomorrow there won't be pictures allowed so we took pictures today. Other than that it was a very rainy day so we were stuck inside a lot today. Claire and I watched the new Harry Potter movie while the other kids napped this afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. I also requested vacation for Monday and Tuesday so that I could enjoy some of Claire's school vacation next week.


Great pictures! Claire looks a door bell! Hope today is a great day for Claire and Abby!
We just got back from Cassidy's 1st baseball game of the season. She played short stop and pitcher. Her team lost, but it was a good game(14 to 11) and she did great!
Now I'm tired, so I'm gonna go relax! Alyssa

Posted by: alyssa at April 27, 2003 04:33 PM