April 21, 2003

Site slowdown

Posted by Scott at 11:26 AM

Today I noticed by accident that when I did my recent upgrade to Mac OS X 10.2.5, Apple changed my Apache web server configuration file. Thankfully they backed up what I had previously put in so tonight I can merge the differences back in. Apple "needed" to change the configuration because now they have a new technology called "Rendezvous" which is integrated into their web server.

Unfortunately it took out my code for compressing the website to help dialup users have a faster load time (typically 10-15Kbytes versus 30-50Kbytes). This is the difference between 2-3 seconds vs 9-15 seconds of active file transfer time. It also removed my code for telling a few annoying web virus' to get lost.

Things should be back to normal by tomorrow. I'm thankful that Apple saved my old configuration file but they should have given me some notice that they were replacing it during the "upgrade".

Update: Fixed. I can even prove it's compressed content.