April 20, 2003

Happy Easter, Happy Birthday

Posted by Scott at 09:47 PM

Thumbnail of Sonic the Hedgehog This morning we celebrated Easter with the kids. There were baskets for the boys, hidden baskets for the girls, and candy filled plastic eggs scattered around the family room and kitchen. I was almost as excited as Claire and Abigail for I knew that they were getting new games for their GameBoys. Abigail got Dora the Explorer: the Search for Pirate Pig's Treasure. Claire got Sonic. Dora seems about perfect for Abby's skill level. There's enough for her to do without feeling overly threatened as she can get when she tries to play SuperMario. Sonic on the other hand -- Whoa! I love their tag line: "Blink, and you're missing out." That games moves by fast. I'm sure Claire and I will spend quite some time getting used to that one.

Today we had gorgeous weather! Sunny, in the 60's, and almost no bugs. We went to Easter Mass this morning and I had to lector. On the way home we got donuts and bagels. We set a blanket out front and ate outside. The funny point was when one of the twins stepped on Claire's chocolate frosted donut. That shoe will never be the same! We played outside most of the rest of the morning. I took Abby out on her bicycle for more practice. She is a few more practice rounds away from having two-wheeling down pat. She could go for about 50 - 100 feet without me holding onto the bike.

Later in the afternoon the Nix's came down from Belmont, NH to visit. Besides Easter, we also celebrated Abby's birthday a week early. We wanted to celebrate it today because Abby's birthday coincides with Claire's First Communion next weekend. Abby got a ton of Dora the Explorer items - shirts, towels, sunglasses, etc. Many, many thanks to all the family members who sent Abby a birthday gift. She was so excited! As the afternoon started to wane, we had a nice Easter dinner and finished it off with birthday cake and ice cream.

Another busy but fun day. Seven kids around the house and never a dull moment. It seems so incredibly quiet when they're all in bed asleep. You almost forget the joyful chaos that reigned a couple of hours earlier. Almost!

I also wanted to mention that yesterday was the first time all seven of us went to the YMCA. It was Michelle's first step class since Timothy was born. Although she's been working out on the NordicTrak elliptical since shortly after delivery, she said the step class made her work and stretch some muscles you don't hit by using an elliptical machine. In a few more weeks Michelle will resume teaching step.


Sounds like you had a nice Easter! I felt bad that I didn't call you all day, but it was a bit busy. We went to 7:30 mass, brought donuts to Mom's, went back home until brunch. Then we went back to Mom's at aound 11. It was very nice- lots of people and good food. All of my boys ended up falling asleep, so we stayed until around 5. Tom's family came over tonite at 7 and we had an egg hunt in the yard and dessert. Andy went back to St. Charles with John and Gina- he's on Easter break so he will stay until Tuesday night!! Now we are all winding down- I'm exhausted- it was a long weekend!
It's sounds like Abby had fun celebrating her birthday! 5 is a good age, I think. Claire must be excited about next week too. Is she ready?
Goodnite! Lys

Posted by: alyssa at April 20, 2003 10:40 PM

Hi Lys! Yes, it was a fun Easter here. I felt a little the same about calling. It was a bit busy here and I never knew when was a good time to call. It sounds nice that you got to see both sides of your family. No Andrew for a few days?! I tried to offer one of the twins to the Nix's for a few days... *grin*

Posted by: Scott at April 21, 2003 06:31 AM

Correct, no Andrew for a few days. It has been very peaceful- no fighting! I think I'll feel bad if I have the baby while he's gone, it would be like we replaced him while he was away, so Gina promised to bring him back to town right away if I have the baby. I'm at the point now where every pain I wonder if it is the start of labor, but nothing yet. Maybe I'll have the baby on Abby's b-day, but I hope it's before that. It's gotta be soon, right? I guess I don't really care when it is, I just wish I knew when so I could have everything and everybody ready. Oh well!
Have a great day! -Lyssa

Posted by: alyssa at April 21, 2003 02:36 PM