April 14, 2003

Quick stop home

Posted by Scott at 06:14 PM

What a crazy past few days I've had! Last Friday, I got strep throat. I have never had that before despite my several exposures to it as a child because of Chris. That knocked me off my feet! I went to the doctor right away and got on anti-biotics.

Saturday I had to go to Borders for some books. They were giving 15% of the sales to Stepping Stones if we had a coupon for it. I bought "Tuesdays With Morrie" and "Lucky". I am looking forward to reading both. Later Seth and I drove home and I was starting to feel better. Mom and Dad took us to dinner with Tom, Alyssa, and Will at the Phoenix. Then I made a trip out to visit with all of my friends for the night at good old Bart's Saloon!

Sunday was Alyssa's shower. It was absolutely beautiful! Gina and John's house is gorgeous, as well. I was most excited about the food and I was even more excited about Gina giving me some of it to take back to school :)
In the evening, I stopped by Chris and Katie's new/old house. I have to say, it was so cool being there and hanging out with them again there. It brought back some good memories.

By the end of the night I was knocked out. Seth drove us back this morning. I wasn't sure if I would make it to class because I still felt kind of sick, but I managed. I also found out I got a 49/50 on my test last Wednesday. Hooray for me! Only ONE TEST LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope you feel better soon.

Congrats on your test.

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