April 07, 2003

Telegraph News Items

Posted by Scott at 07:09 AM

The Nashua Telegraph has two interesting stories today. First they reviewed J. Beaners, my favorite stop on the way to work. A surprising amount of work went into building it -- much more so than just putting up a McDonalds. The Telegraph also did a little human interest story on the extended snowfall we've had this season. I love their photo of kids making a "snow bunny" for Easter.

As far as I can tell, Chris and Katie had a much smoother flight home. It looked like everything was on time and that they beat the predicted Chicago snowstorm.

In Chicago today is the funeral for my cousin Mary Ann. They had a beautiful writeup in the Chicago SunTimes. I found a brief writeup in the Chicago Tribune as well. This sad passing reminds me a bit of the sacrifice of Blessed Gianna, who promoted holiness in the family and the sanctity of human life.

Blessed Gianna Beretta Molla, protectress of mothers and families, died in 1962 as a martyr of maternal love. In September of 1961, at the age of 39, Blessed Gianna was pregnant with her fourth child when physicians diagnosed a large ovarian cyst which required surgery. The surgeon suggested that Gianna undergo an abortion in order to save her own life. Gianna's decision was prompt and decisive: "I shall accept whatever they will do to me provided they save the child." She underwent the surgery but her fate was sealed. The following year, on Good Friday, Gianna was admitted to Monza Maternity Hospital. Her daughter, Gianna Emanuela, was born the next day but Blessed Gianna expired seven days later, on April 28, 1962.

I often catch Jay Leno's opening monologue on TiVo. It helps me to laugh about current events and what a wacky world we live in. There was a line on Friday that was funny, yet so true.

"I had something strange happen to me yesterday, I’m coming to work, I turn on the radio in the morning, the war is going badly, we weren’t in control, the enemy was escaping and the people of Iraq hated us. Then, I’m driving home, we’re winning every battle, racing toward Baghdad, cheered on by Iraqi people, and then I realized: On the way in I was listening to National Public Radio when I commuted to work. And on the way home, I was listening to Fox News."

Most days I try to catch a little of both NPR and FoxNews. Then my day is "fair and balanced" TM.