April 06, 2003

More pictures of me!!

Posted by Scott at 02:36 PM

Yes, try not to get too excited, there are more pictures of me. If you go to my professor's website at www.ilstu.edu/~rmtobin and click on research you will see it.

I hope the baptism was nice and I hope you all enjoyed your time in New Hampshire.

Friday I went to Purdue, but I am not sure if mom already filled everyone in or not. To make a long story short, I am now positive I do not want to become a PhD. That is just not for me!!!!!! A master's degree is just fine in my eyes. The experience of meeting all the professors was really neat, though. It was nice to speak with so many people who share my interests. I am really glad I had this opportunity.

The weather is just awful here! Last weekend as well, it's like mother nature knows that those are the only days I have off to go enjoy the weather, so she makes it nasty outside. Maybe it will be nice next weekend.

Nothing too exciting will be going on this week for me. Our Psi Chi meeting tomorrow focus's on getting into grad school, applications, GRE's, personal statements, etc. Wednesday I have a test. Hopefully, nothing else will come up so I can drive home for Alyssa'a shower.

35 days until graduation!